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Compiled by Heather Quackenboss. Last Updated February 27, 2018

In the quest to eat local, healthy foods, a “share” in a community supported agriculture (CSA) farm provides an easy path for that. Each week (or bi-weekly, depending on the share you purchase), your farmer will typically deliver seasonal vegetables, but CSA shares vary by farm and might include fruit, eggs, meat, or even coffee or cheese.

Here is a list of CSAs who serve our region to get your family started on the road to eating as fresh and healthy as you can get!

 Please contact CSAs directly to verify pricing and pickups.

Bear Creek Farm        
Jon and Sarah Suchla
Pickup: Blair on Saturdays; La Crosse on Fridays; Holmen on Thursdays.
Full standard share: $550/year (20 weeks).
1/2 standard share:  $300/year (10 weeks).

Bella Sol Tierra 
Jan Blair
Pickup: La Crosse.
Full share: $950/year (discounts for early payments; 2 and 3 pro-rated payments accepted).
Bi-weekly share: Box for 20 weeks (10 boxes).
Also available: meat, eggs, mushrooms.

Burr Oak Produce 
Steve Freng
Pickup: Bangor, Galesville, Melrose, Holmen, La Crosse, Onalaska, Sparta, West Salem.
Full share:  $398 (advance purchase full share $30/week; half share $20/week).

Driftless Farm
Amelia Baxter
Pickup: La Crosse on Wednesdays, Fridays; Stoddard.

Driftless Organics 
Mike Lind
Pickup: La Crosse on Wednesdays.
Full share: $635/20 weeks; $375/10 weeks (bi-weekly).

Featherstone Fruits and Vegetables 
Pickup: Winona, Rushford on Wednesdays.
Sustainer share: $715 ($39/week); solo: $498 ($27/week).

Harmony Valley Farm
Richard DeWilde
Pickup: La Crosse, Onalaska on Fridays.
Full share, $990 (30 boxes);  peak season share, $760 (20 boxes); full fruit share, $560 (14 boxes).
½ share, $620.50 (17 boxes every other week, not a half-sized box).
Flex plan allows you to choose weeks (minimum 14 boxes, $38.25/box).
Summer and autumn fruit and coffee shares also available.

Hoch Orchard and Gardens
Harry and Jackie Hoch
Share: $160, 4 fruits – June through September.
June: Strawberries, 12 pints
July: Raspberries, 6 pints
August: Tomatoes, 20 pounds
September: Apples, 20 pounds
Also offered: Cider CSA as well as a hard cider CSA add-on.

Knapp Creek Farm
Aaron Kane
Pickup or home delivery: La Crosse, Viroqua, Westby on Tuesdays.
Full share: $580 by April 1, 20 weeks home delivery weekly of a ¾-bushel box.
½ share: $440 by April 1, 20 weeks home delivery weekly of a ½-bushel box.
$30 off for on-farm pickup or drop-site delivery.

Lynch Farms
Mike Lynch

Pickup: Houston on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays.
Pasture raised beef, pork, and chicken. Availability varies throughout the year. Contact directly for details.

Mastodon Family Farm
Maureen Allen

Pickup: La Crosse on Fridays.
Full share:  $1,650/year, meat and eggs.

Old Oak Family Farm 
Jerry Niedfeldt
Pickup: Black River Falls on Tuesdays; La Crosse on Thursdays; Bangor on Tuesdays.
Full share: $550, 20 weeks; half share: $300, 10 weeks (bi-weekly boxes); flower share: $120 for 10 flower pickups (you pick dates, June through Sept.).

O'MOE CSA at Driftless Farm
Ben MacDonald
Pickup: La Crosse on Wednesdays.
Full share: Standard, $450; large, $550.

Pine Creek Farms
Jonathan Stensgared

Pickup: Rochester, Winona on Tuesdays, Wednesdays.
Full Share: $400; 1/2 Share: $200.

PlainSong Farm
Jim and Laurie Syverson

Pickup: La Crosse, Caledonia, Spring Grove, Rochester.
1/2 share: $400/year; egg share additional $90/year.

Ridgeland Harvest 
Kate and Mat Eddy
Pickup: La Crosse, Onalaska on Thursdays.
Standard share: $567; small share: $416; bi-weekly small share: $286. Double shares, flex share, and pack-your-own shares available.

Small Family Farm  and CSA   
Jill and Adam Varney
Pickup: La Crosse, Onalaska, Sparta, West Salem, Viroqua, La Farge, Cashton on Wednesdays.
Full Share:  $575, 20-weeks of ¾-bushel box; $345 bi-weekly share of ¾-bushel box.
Pork, chicken, eggs, and honey also available.

Valley View Organic Farm
Aaron Sommers

Pickup: La Crosse
Meat CSA shares for organic pastured  beef, pork, rabbit, chicken, and turkey, as well as eggs.