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Coulee Parenting Connection

What will it feature?

The best our area has to offer families. Our Go Guide will be a handy companion featuring event calendars and guides on where to play, shop, eat, learn, grow, and thrive in our area, with categories such as chiropractors, haircuts, parenting resources, dance, theater, music, and more. It will be as valued and useful to the veteran Coulee Region family as the one new to town.

Who should be in the Go Guide?
Anyone who serves families and/or wants to distinguish themselves as family-friendly. Many of the families in our Go Guide market are still in the “new” phase of choosing resources for their families, making it a prime opportunity for establishing top-of-mind awareness. We’re already an advertiser in Coulee Parenting.

Do we need to do both?
If you’re an advertiser with Coulee Parenting, you will be listed in the Go Guide. While the guide will share the same quality and creativity as our flagship magazine, it offers features and benefits that complement the magazine. You will want to consider both regular advertising in the magazine as well as annual advertising in the Go Guide to get the full benefits of each.

The price is right - FREE!
We invite all businesses and organizations to enter a FREE listing in the Go Guide at below. However, since this will be a popular opportunity, we will cut if necessary. To ensure your listing runs, consider a display ad or guaranteed listing with featured placement online (pricing below). Advertisers in this first Go Guide will lock in these prices for next year too. These are ANNUAL prices, sensible economics for even the tightest marketing budget.

Back cover  - $1,200
Full page - $850
½ page - $525
¼ page - $395
Guaranteed listing with featured placement online - $250
(Please note: All display advertising enjoys a guaranteed listing with featured placement online.)


For more information or to reserve, contact Meg at [email protected] or 608-317-2625.

2019 Go Guide Directory Listing Form

Be part of the brand new Coulee Parenting Go Guide, an annual publication devoted to family life in our region, and you'll reach 15,000+ households through next November 2019 in a family-friendly and meaningful way!

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