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Eupraxia, LLC

Eupraxia Fitness - Nutrition - Accountibility
2840 21st Place S
La Crosse, WI 54601

Eupraxia is a locally owned and founded fitness chain that is best known for the amazing results it's members get. You can see some of them here

Eupraxia is different than the traditional health club, gym or fitness center in that every workout is an instructor led, group fitness experience created by and supervised by a local doctor. Your coach and teammates are always right there to help you stay motivated and to push you to reach your goals. Each day will consist of one of many different workouts to address every aspect of fitness. The different workouts include; plyometrics, kettlebells, circuit training, upper body strength, lower body strength, honey badger, tabata, and kickboxing. The workouts will always be changing to keep it fun and exciting.

We also offer nutrition classes and counseling as part of every membership. We host a private Facebook group for members only. This not only provides an amazing support system, but is also home to a wealth of files and documents to help you navigate healthier nutrition choices. We will help you clear up any confusion you may have around food and nutrition!