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Baby Bum Shower Review

Apr 15, 2021 01:35PM ● By Lissa Carlson
We asked local mom Kristin Radde, mother of three (two still in diapers), to try the new Baby Bum Shower. We thank her for taking on the challenge!

Here's what she told us:

I started by using the shower on my 7-month-old daughter. I haven’t used a single wipe for wet diapers when I have it available! It’s easy to grab and give a quick spray. I usually blot her bottom with the clean diaper to dry it off a bit more, especially if I am applying any creams. For this purpose it works well. 

We haven’t had as many dirty diapers to try it on so far, though I have to say it’s not quite as useful for those. I try to follow their recommendations - use 1 wipe, spray, then finish with a 2nd wipe. For smaller messes this works well, but I feel that is the same amount of wipes I would use anyway. Perhaps it is leaving her with a cleaner bottom though. We typically have many wet diapers, and only 1-2 dirty diapers for her per day so overall I’m using less wipes. 

One thing I’ve found helpful is to refill first thing in the morning. That way I am able to use warm water. As it sits, the  water gets a little cold and after being snuggly warm all night, it was a bit of a shock. But overall she doesn’t mind the cool water during other changes. If I fill in the morning it is enough to last the day!

I switched over to my 2 year old son for a day, and he hated it! Perhaps if it is used from the infant stage most toddlers would be used to it and be ok. I gave him 3 chances but after lots of squirming and some crying, brought it back to the baby’s room! 

I will most definitely continue to use it for Kaitlyn. It would be great to have as a 2-pack so 1 could be kept in the diaper bag. I love that you can twist the bottom to turn it “off” so it won’t spray or leak. 

Added bonus: Kaitlyn loves the soft texture. I allowed to her play with it (clean of course) before we tried it out to get it used to it, and it seems to also be a great teether!