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Coulee Parenting Connection

Coulee Parenting Community Hero: Fun Fur Pets

Apr 08, 2020 01:08PM ● By Lissa Carlson


Need to give your pet a fun outlet during quarantine? Fun Fur Pets is open for both boarding and daycare. Eve Molzhon, owner of Fun Fur Pets, says not only have they developed strict social distancing protocol for pickups and drop-offs, they were prepared for the COVID-19 crisis already thanks to ventilation efforts to minimize canine/kennel cough at their facility. 

Molzhon knows that half the struggle of this quarantine for families is just coming up with fun ideas for things to do. And she’s here to help!

  • To keep kids and pets active, Fun Fur Pets created a three-week virtual kids training program through Facebook live. The kids receive training sessions at 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. At 6 p.m., there is a quick recap and then students post their videos showing the homework that they did with their pet for the day. We feel it is important to help parents work with their pets and their children to create stronger bonds in their home environment during this time. 
  • For people who are looking for fun activities to do with their pets now that they are working from home, we have created a canine enrichment membership. Once a week we post new canine enrichment activities for parents to help occupy their pet’s time and create mental stimulation. We are doing activities using normal household items, such as clear plastic water bottles, toilet paper and paper towel tubes, and leftover Tupperware items. We understand that canine enrichment is very important for a dog’s (and therefore owner’s) mental well-being.
  • For those that wanted to get out of the house and build a better bond with their pet, we created Fun Fur Pet’s bingo. Our bingo card has activities ranging from take your dog for a walk on a certain dog-friendly trail within the city to sing your dog a song.  As a lifelong resident of the city of La Crosse, Fun Fur Pets owner, Eve Molzhon, made a point to put certain landmarks on the bingo card to encourage individuals to see the sites within their city. The cost for the bingo card is $5. Individuals have a month to complete all the squared tasks and redeem them for a fabulous pet prize.
  • In a time where everyone could use a smile, Fun Fur Pets added some playful functional art to the side of their building. There are now various sized wings for people to pose their pets against (check out the photo above). Of course, humans can use them too, but the purpose was to get people out walking with their pets and have a goal in doing so. The wings are located along 14th Street just off of Green Bay and they are 6 feet apart to encourage social distancing.