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Be My DIY Valentine!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Check out these fun projects you can make, bake, or create!

Make someone O-FISH-ALLY yours with a tackle box full of treats

Scoop up a tackle box or craft box, fill it up with gummy worms, goldfish crackers and pretzels, gummy octopus, swedish fish, and other fishy snacks for a fun treat!


Bake a Love Letter Cookie with your secret message

Although, not for the amateur baker, these cookies with a secret message inside will surely surprise any Valentine!

Click HERE for the recipe and detailed instructions

Create a sudsy surprise!

If you are looking to give something other than candy or sweets, check out these Valentines that are still a treat! Using a small cupcake tin, meltable soap from your local craft store, smaller toys or soap, and some cute packaging and tags, this makes for a sudsy fun project for the entire family to make!

Click HERE for the supply list and step-by-step instructions!

Click HERE for the FREE "I was SOAPING you would be my Valentine!" printable tags!

If you are seeking more DIY Valentine's inspirations, Click HERE for our DIY VALENTINE Pinterest page!